Our goal is to be able to grant as many Disney wishes as we can for individuals with disabilities throughout the Centre region and throughout Pennsylvania.

Eligibility requirements:
(Please note that being eligible does not guarantee that a wish can or will be granted.)

* The nominee must live in Pennsylvania.
* The nominee must have a disability (intellectual, physical, and/or developmental) that significantly impacts their daily life. This will need to be verified by a doctor in the application process.

Nomination process:
* Each wish recipient must be nominated by someone who works with that individual in a professional capacity (teacher, paraprofessional, aide, therapist, coach, medical professional, etc.) Parents, guardians, or family members cannot nominate their own children/family members, even if they function in any of these roles for their child/family member.
* The nominator should provide as much detail and information as possible to give us a clear picture of who the nominee is. Nominators may be contacted in cases when more information is needed.
* Nominations can be submitted by clicking the “nominate” button below and following the prompts. 

Please contact info@pixiedustwishes.org with any questions about the nomination process.


How Does Someone Become Eligible for a Disney Wish?

After we receive a nomination, it will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. If the nomination meets our guidelines, we will contact the family to fill out an application and send us a short video introducing the nominee and the family to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of the appropriately submitted application and video, the nominee will be considered eligible for one year from that date. When organization funds permit the granting of a wish, all eligible nominees will be discussed and a wish will be granted based on the Board of Directors’ vote. Prior to each vote, a thorough discussion will be held and all eligible nominees will be given consideration. If a year has passed from the submission of the application and video (eligibility date), a new nomination can be accepted and the process will begin again.


How are wishes granted?

Does the individual fit the criteria above?
then Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible!

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