Our goal is to be able to grant as many Disney wishes possible for individuals with special needs. Each wish recipient needs to be nominated by someone who works with that individual such as a teacher, paraprofessional, aide, therapist, doctor, coach, etc. Children and adults with special needs and disabilities are eligible for wishes through PDW. Eligible nominees must live in Pennsylvania. We are currently accepting nominations from Centre County due to a local grant that must be used for wish recipients who reside in the county. Most disabilities involving intellectual and/or physical components in their diagnoses are eligible. You can submit your nomination by clicking the "nominate" button below and go through the prompts. It takes a few minutes to potentially make a dream come true. Email me with any questions about the nomination process at info@pixiedustwishes.org


How Does Someone Become Eligible for a Disney Wish?

After we receive your nomination, it will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. If the nomination is approved and meets our guidelines, we will contact the family to then fill out an application. Once that application is returned to us, then the Board of Directors decides if we can grant that wish and votes. Our goal is to be able to grant every wish that goes through the nomination and application process appropriately, even if it takes some time to be able to raise the money to make every wish come true. 



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