​Maddie has a primary diagnosis of a very rare syndrome called Acrodysotosis, which we know of less than 100 people in the world to have it, so far. There are two types of this syndrome. Maddie is Type 2, which has more medical issues involved, such as endocrine issues, mild hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, physical, and speech needs. This syndrome overall causes abnormal short bones in her nose, toes, fingers, and her limbs are shorter than normal. Her ear, nose and throat pathways are smaller, so illnesses are tough on her body. She has been delayed her whole life, she has lots of sensory issues, and behavioral needs. Maddie also is on the autism spectrum, and has an expression language disorder.

Maddie is very excited to go on this trip to Disney World because she is very excited to fly on a plane for the first time, and she continues to talk about how she wants to go to Anna and Elsa's castle, from the story Frozen. I know she would love to meet the Frozen characters, attend the Frozen sing a long, and meet any princesses, and also Mickey Mouse!​



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